Car Care Center

  • Oil Change Filter and Lube: Every 3,000 miles
  • Tire Rotation:  every 2nd or 3rd service
  • Air Filter: every 15,000 miles
  • Automatic Transmission Service: every 30,000 miles
  • Fuel Filter: every 30,000 miles


Cold weather is upon us, and your car or truck deserves a fresh tune up to carry you through the cold Winter months.

Don't get stuck by the roadside on a chilly day - call us to set up your appointment!



We can perform an in-depth inspection of all the drive system components of your 4WD or AWD vehicle.

We'll inspect everything that delivers power to your wheels, and give you sound advice if anything needs maintenance or replacement.

The Shop

Welcome to Dale's Auto Repair and Towing.

We are a family owned vehicle maintenance, repair and towing shop located in St. Michael MN.

We have been serving the community for 40+ years, and consider our customers to be our highest priority.  We pride ourselves in offering a full line of car care services and repair capabilities while maintaining a personalized "down home" environment.

We get to know you AND your vehicle, and will make sure that both taken care of respectfully and efficiently.

For any maintenance or repairs, simply call us at 763-497-3607 to discuss your needs.  We also offer the convenience of after hours drop-off for scheduled appointments.

If your vehicle is not able to make it to our shop, we offer full service 24 hour towing - just call us at 612-845-8082 - any time, any day of the week!

Thank you for visiting our web site - we look forward to helping you with your vehicle maintenance and towing needs!